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Paul de Ruijter


The Netherlands, Germany

Insight | Grip | Focus

I leverage my experience to help clients achieve sustainable growth by developing new strategic insights, applying a pragmatic focus and a tighter grip on the business. Using my life-long professional mantra: “Stability, profitability, growth”


Are you looking at the right things in the right places?  Is everything a priority – or do you prioritize effectively and focus the business to achieve your goals?  Do the KPI’s you use give you the right insights?  Are controls necessary evils, or necessary to stay on the right path? Do you have many surprises – constantly fighting the proverbial tyranny of the urgent?


I work with company founders and CEOs to make sure that we together develop the right insight, focus and grip.  Rolling up my sleeves by your side, I do what it takes to ensure we accelerate the right outcomes. Regardless of the length of the engagement, we are committed to meaningful sustainable results, and we often stay engaged longer, in a different capacity, when that’s the best solution. It’s part of our commitment.


I’ve successfully led businesses and teams, big and small, in different industries, domains and cultures, from one step to the next – always delivering sustainable growth and value. I can do the same with you and your team.


It’s not always enough to have the right plan and strong execution. Often, the execution depends on the right team and culture.  And having the right competencies to be able to execute. I leverage extensive business transformation experience, focus on the people and the team and together, achieve strong results.


Business sectors: Professional services; B2B, B2C, B2B2C, trade; manufacturing; logistics

Domains: Mechanical and Machinery; Professional Services; Digital Health; IoT; Fintech; Transportation; Construction

I work globally across countries and cultures and develop lasting working relationships to achieve strong and sustainable results.


My motto: “I know how it is, I’ve also been there, we can do this together!”

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