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How do we assure growth?

From passive to active investment


Helping Investors Achieve Predictable Results - De-Risking Ventures and Assuring Growth



Defining Successful Outcomes

At Sage we work with venture founders and their teams to define successful outcomes and the path to achieve them.  Measuring success is a critical factor (sales, user adoption, client pipeline, profitability, funding, valuation) and sequencing the key milestones is key to putting the venture on the right track.  Think of milestones as dominoes; hitting one milestone sets up the next one on the path to meeting your goals.

As we work with investors/funders and are ourselves investors in certain ventures, we are well suited to ensure that the path to success is well aligned to everyone's expectations.  Investment moves from passive to active.

We Work to Improve the Odds

Our objective is to help ventures improve the odds of achieving success and thus de-risk investment and reward investors.  To accomplish this, it’s important to address the factors that will have the greatest impact.  Our approach is straight-forward, but market tested: Focus on the customer. Simplify the solution. Articulate the core proposition. Avoid head-to-head battles. Strengthen the team.  And execute like mad.

Accelerating Development

We look to accelerate development and shorten all time-frames. In today’s continuously evolving market, speed matters. And the process for creation is continuous, the team must always be designing, launching, learning, iterating and evaluating (repeat). The team must set key deliverables and drive to meet them. We work with you to align every part of the plan and team around one calendar. Celebrate wins, make them a habit, build the muscle.

Maximizing Value for both Founders and Investors

Our aim is to maximize the value of the venture for both Founders and Investors. We help the team focus on minimizing waste (time and resources), spend cash as though it is your own. Spend as little time fundraising as possible, but raise a bit more than you need. And most importantly deliver on your plan, which will generate funds for continued growth.


Here are a few case studies that help illustrate what we can do. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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