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At Sage we choose to define a fresh path forward with the companies we advise and sometimes invest in.  Although our roots are planted in Silicon Valley and Boston and our clients are global, from Malaysia to Maryland, we've put particular focus these past 10 years here in Europe.  And in spite of headlines focused on a fearful future, we see a bright future for Europe - (re)igniting sustainable growth for a better tomorrow.


We work with founders, executives, senior teams, supervisory boards and funders to tackle critical growth challenges and drive value creation – at all stages of a company’s lifecycle.


Sage's Partners are senior advisors with deep personal experience as founders, investors, executives, board members, and entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries. We have seen challenges – and overcome them.  We are your growth partner, here to help you navigate change and accelerate the right outcomes.

Growth and  Experience matter...because together they unleash Value


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Our Partners

Our 17 partners each bring 30+ years of professional experience and invaluable networks for the engagements we select. We have no staff creating a need to generate billable time.

We work because we enjoy helping firms accelerate their growth, and in doing so, derive deep satisfaction in our role as a business partner to our clients.

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