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Roland van Kralingen

Amsterdam, NL

Roland van Kralingen is Sage Partners’ subject matter expert in marketing. He is involved in branding and positioning projects in Europe, where he is recognized as a key contributor to the marketing profession.

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Hugo J.A. van der Zee

Anzère, Switzerland (Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Prague, Czech Republic)

Hugo J.A. van der Zee’s has a background in civil and corporate law, tax adviser and corporate structure creation. Named chairman of Deloitte & Touche Amsterdam (now Deloitte) in 1997.

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Edward F. West

San Francisco, CA USA

A serial entrepreneur and a principal advisor to founding entrepreneurs. As advisor, investor, and director, I share in the dreams, challenges, and value of early stage ventures. I respect deeply the entrepreneurs who choose this work, and it is my privilege to help in their success.

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Thomas L. Doorley, III
CEO / Chairman

Boston, MA USA

Thomas L. Doorley, III is a co-founder and CEO/Chairman of Sage Partners.  He practices across all of our client segments – public and private companies and not-for-profit organizations.

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