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  • Gateway to the U.S.

    Have you ever considered launching and building a market presence in the USA? Not surprising. After all, regardless of your line of business and markets served, the USA offers the world's largest consumer and business markets - where the business climate is among the the world’s most favorable to innovation, business acceleration, market...

  • Sustaining High Performance is Difficult

    Sustained high performance is difficult, and rare. Such performance requires corporate leadership to develop sensitivity to subtle, often ambivalent, signals of change, opportunity, and danger well before performance falters. Hindsight is everything but 20-20. When executives ask me “What went wrong?” my answer is often “it is not what went...

  • "First Light" Leaders

    In times past, CEOs kept close counsel, sharing their nascent strategic ideas or concerns with a narrow cadre of confidants. Fortunately leading CEOs have rejected this behavior. Now the best share ideas early and often. The goal–to inspire collaboration; to shape and hone these ideas; to improve them. We call these...

  • Invention vs. Innovation

    In organizations ranging from large corporate to tiny venture, from for-profit to non-profit, from enterprise-focus to consumer focus, the engine that consistently drives growth, value and impact is INNOVATION. The faster, more powerful the engine, the better the outcomes by any measure. Public markets place a premium on the value of...

  • The Growth Premium: An Indicator of Innovation

    The Growth Premium--a Leading Indicator of the Robustness of Innovation Processes We know when growth pays, namely, when an enterprise is adequately profitable (earning more than its cost-of-capital) thus giving investors confidence that management knows how to deliver value-creating growth. The calculation of the level of profitability identifies whether the enterprise...

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